General Assembly

Time is running so fast and it was a already a week ago, that we had our first general assembly with the SmartCorners project in Potsdam, Germany. Thanks a lot to the colleauges from UEMI not only hosting us, but creating a wonderful experience of Potsdam with a guided tour through the Dutch quarter and a visit at a restaurant discovering local and international delices. Of course, the following day was filled with Work Package presentations and interesting discussions – including a workshop on the communication for SmartCorners. 

“It was a great pleasure to see all project partners presenting and aligning their research in such a professional and enthusiastic way at our 1st General Assembly of the SmartCorners project at the UEMI premises in Potsdam.

The technical discussions were not only constructive, but also fostered a collaborative atmosphere bringing up new perspectives and approaches to solve our technical challenges and to reach our ambitious targets.

I’m confidentially looking forward to coping all upcoming challenges with such a great team!” 

Walter Lukesch, AVL DiTEST, project coordinator